Electrotherapy may sound old-fashioned or scary to some, however we assure you that the controlled application of gentle electrical impulses is an extremely useful, pain-free tool for the treatment of muscle conditions and nerve pain. When a nerve is irritated, compressed or damaged, electrical signals are sent to the brain where they are processed, resulting in the sensation of pain. Electrotherapy painlessly charges the nerve with further electrical impulses which interrupt or block that signal to the brain. Disrupting the pain pathway in this manner results in the overall easing or masking of pain experienced by a pet.

How do we use electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy goes hand in hand with our neurology service, we consider it an invaluable tool as a drug-free and non-invasive treatment for conditions of the nervous system. Nerves run throughout the body, so with electrotherapy we help pets suffering from a whole host of problems such as muscle weakness, back or limb pain and loss of feeling.

We use electrotherapy as a sole treatment or in combination with drug-therapy depending upon the patient and condition to be treated. This safe and useful therapy commonly forms part of our rehabilitation programmes following surgery or injury. If you think your pet could benefit from it, we urge you to make contact with our friendly team who will be happy to give you more information.

Be Referred

We would love to be able to get your pet back on their feet. We don’t require a referral from your vet for your pet to receive treatment with us. We will contact your first opinion vet for a history and any X-rays etc. You just need to turn up with your ‘fur baby’ – and both relax! We have made Physio-Vet, as unlike a normal vets as possible. We don’t have examination tables, we have comfortable mats, so that we are down at your ‘fur baby’s’ level, to reassure them whilst they are examined and initial appointments aren’t rushed either, as we allow a full hour for it. So, please rest assured your ‘fur baby’ is in good, caring hands!
To make an appointment, please call 01270 586008 or email us on info@physio-vet.co.uk