Arthramid Vet Joint Injection – a new way to treat arthritis in dogs

What is a hydrogel?

Hydrogel is a ground-breaking new treatment option for arthritis in dogs. The hydrogel injection that we use at Physio-Vet is Arthramid Vet. This is a sterile gel that we can inject into joints because it is compatible with the body’s biology. Arthramid Vet is composed of water and cross-linked 2.5% polyacrylamide.

The hydrogel properties enable it to stick to the joint lining known as the synovium. Over the next two weeks it starts to become incorporated into this lining, as well as the neighbouring layer of joint capsule, acting as a scaffolding. This helps to develop an absorbent cushion within the joint and improves the quality of joint fluid. Hydrogel also makes the joint capsule stronger and more elastic. These benefits help load-bearing through the joint, and reduce inflammation.

When do we use hydrogel?

Hydrogel usage is a cutting-edge therapy for canine arthritis management. It is particularly effective in older dogs with chronic arthritis and we have seen excellent results from usage in more than 125 joint injections.

Is there a cure for dog arthritis?

There isn’t a cure for arthritis, but this treatment has been delivering significant long term improvements and we have a lot of experience in treating patients with arthritis with a range of therapies. Find out more about the condition here.

How is hydrogel injected?

  • Our team will talk you through the process, and make sure it is the right choice for your pet.
  • The procedure takes place under sedation to reduce stress, and so that our patients do not move during the injection.
  • The hydrogel is injected into the joint capsule under sterile conditions.
  • Multiple joints can be treated under the same sedation, and the process generally takes under 40 minutes.
  • Rest will be advised for the first two days following treatment, and the Physio-Vet team will give guidance on an exercise plan and any additional therapies that would be recommended as part of a holistic approach.

How long do the benefits last?

This varies between individuals, but a single injection will generally last several months to two years. Patients with canine osteoarthritis will often benefit from other treatments alongside hydrogel injection, and you can take a look at what else we offer here or get in touch by phone: 01270 586008

Be Referred

We would love to be able to get your pet back on their feet. We don’t require a referral from your vet for your pet to receive treatment with us. We will contact your first opinion vet for a history and any X-rays etc. You just need to turn up with your ‘fur baby’ – and both relax! We have made Physio-Vet, as unlike a normal vets as possible. We don’t have examination tables, we have comfortable mats, so that we are down at your ‘fur baby’s’ level, to reassure them whilst they are examined and initial appointments aren’t rushed either, as we allow a full hour for it. So, please rest assured your ‘fur baby’ is in good, caring hands!
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