Neurological Rehabilitation

What is a Neurological Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation therapy is a key component in helping aid the recovery from neurological diseases. Once the vet has diagnosed your pet and completed any surgeries, Physio-Vet can step in to aid the long road to recovery. Following surgery, many animals will drag their feet scuffing their nails as they go. We can help to build muscle with help from special aids to prevent this as much as possible.

How do we treat Neurological Rehabilitation?

Initial therapy may include standing exercises, as well as range of motion exercises. These are complimented with pain control and toe pinch exercises. An important part of the retraining is aquatic rehabilitation. Often, with more severe cases, one of our trained neurological hydro therapists will assist the dog whist in our underwater treadmill.

Other exercises include balance exercises, core stability and spacial resistance band walking, physio-roll balancing and home specific exercises. In the hydro pool, the dogs will walk and train with resistance against the water, whether walking or swimming. We also use therapeutic ultrasound to deep-heat muscles, cryotherapy and laser therapy to aid the recovery process.

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