Cruciate Ligament

What is a cruciate ligament Injury?

Cruciate ligament injuries are a common hind leg problem in dogs, occurring in the stifle or knee. Dogs with a ruptured cruciate will typically hold the leg up and not put any weight on the limb. These dogs show stiffness on rising or unwillingness to exercise. If your dog is limping, it is essential that you take him or her for a vet check up The vet will be able to ascertain if the cruciate ligament has been damaged and prescribe pain killers or anti-inflammatories.

How do we treat cruciate ligament injuries?

Cruciate injuries can be managed surgically or non-surgically. Non surgical and post-op cases will typically recieve light exercise in our underwater treadmill, and pet physiotherapy using lasers, ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic therapy and electro-muscle stimulation to help build muscle and control pain. We also devise a tailor made home exercise program to ensure that the dog stays mobile. Repeated sessions on our hydro treadmill will ensure that your dog stays healthy, and will ensure no muscle is lost during the healing process. We recommend 2 sessions per week initially, but the frequency drops quickly as your pet recovers. If your pet has a problem with their cruciate ligament, we can help it heal faster and relieve the pain your pet is suffering.

If you would like your pet to be seen by one of the Physio Vet team, then the initial contact should be made by your normal veterinary surgeon. A referral can only be made by them, who will provide us with all the medical information we require in order to treat your pet. Once we have this information, we will then arrange everything else, but please feel free to contact us to discuss the process in further detail, or if you have any questions.