Sports Dog Injuries

What are Sports Dog Injuries?

Many sports dogs get injuries which are commonly not picked up by vets in general practice. This is mostly due to the drive of the dog to carry on training and competing regardless of pain. We are used to seeing these dogs and examining them in different ways. They allow us to pick them up and treat even the most subtle of injury. Signs of a problem in the canine athlete may not even be a limp. Owners may start to notice changes in their dog if their time is slower than usual, they’ve started to knock down poles or are running under jumps.

How do we treat Sports Dog Injuries?

Our dog sports medicine can help your dog to run faster, avoid and recover from injury, turn sharper and compete for longer. Treatments at our clinic can improve your dog’s athletic performance as well as maintaining a happy, healthy life. We help to treat the canine athlete working on agility, flyball, obedience, IPO, working trials, mushing and much more. We understand how focused sporting dogs are, and how to help each individual dog to better their field.

Our vets, David and Vicky, were trained in Canine Sports Medicine by Agility guru Chris Zink from the USA. Chris is acknowledged as one of the leading lights in this field in the world, and published books ‘Coaching the Canine Athlete’, ‘The Agility Advantage’ and ‘Dog Health and Nutrition for Dummies.’ The rest of the Physio-Vet team have also attended courses with Chris Zink, and our canine sports medicine knowledgeis unparalleled. What’s more, we will help you to understand the causes of dog injury, the depth of the problem, and how to prevent and rehabilitate them.

If you would like your pet to be seen by one of the Physio Vet team, then the initial contact should be made by your normal veterinary surgeon. A referral can only be made by them, who will provide us with all the medical information we require in order to treat your pet. Once we have this information, we will then arrange everything else, but please feel free to contact us to discuss the process in further detail, or if you have any questions.