Price List

Price List as of 1st March 2021. All prices include VAT at standard rate

Description Price
Initial Veterinary Examination up to 1 hour £130
Follow-up consultations  30 minutes £65
Acupuncture session 30 minutes £65
Laser, PEMFT, shockwave treatments etc. are charged in addition.

Hydrotherapy, if required, is included in the above consultations.

Hydrotherapy – initial take on session £65
Hydrotherapy follow on sessions £45
CT scans

The cost of CT scans depends on the area being scanned and weight.

If you are unsure please ask for a quote.

CT scans of head, neck, spine, chest, abdomen and shoulders will require a first scan, injection of contrast and a second scan.
First Scan:
Cats and dogs under 10 kg £750
Dog 11-20kg £765
Dog 21-40kg £785
Dog over 40kg £795
Second CT scan following contrast injection £450
Contrast £5.38/kg
Interpretation of images by Vet-CT imaging specialist at cost and charges are as follows:-
First area £150
Second and subsequent areas £72
Normal reporting time is 4 days. If a report is needed sooner, the following charges apply:-
Enhanced 1-2 days £30
Priority within 24 hours £66
Urgent 4 hours £126
Body areas as defined by Vet-CT:

Head (one area)

Thorax (one area)

Abdomen (one area)

Spine C1-T2 or soft tissues of neck (one area)

Spine T3-tail (one area)

One joint, left and right (one area)

Two Joints or entire limb, left and right sides (two areas)

Cruciate Repair
Cruciate repair (TPLO) including consult, X-rays, GA, surgery, implants, discharge, medication for 2 weeks.

12 week post op. X-rays (if required) are not included.

Dogs under 10kg £2800
Dogs 11-20kg £2850
Dogs 21-40kg £2900
Dogs over 40kg £3000
Patella Luxation
Patella luxation correction (TTT) including consult, X-rays, GA, surgery, implants, discharge medication for 2 weeks
Dogs under 10kg £1850
Dogs 11-20kg £1900
Dogs 21-40kg £1950
Dogs over 40kg £2000
Please note patella luxation in large and certain other breeds requires more involved surgery.  This will be discusses at your consultation and a quote given.
Regenerative Medicine and Intra-articular Injections
Stem cell therapy includes GA, harvesting of stem cells, injection of stem cells into joint(s) or tendon(s) medication for 2 weeks £2520
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) includes sedation/GA collection and processing of blood to produce PRP, injection of PRP into joint(s) or target tissue. £650
Arthramid-Vet (Hydrogel) first joint includes sedation and injection into joint £560
Arthramid-Vet (Hydrogel) second and subsequent joints each £460