Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

What is PEMFT?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy uses electromagnetic fields to alter cell membranes damaged by trauma and restore them back to their normal function. This type of treatment is variable; different frequencies affect blood flow so that it can increase or decrease depending on what is needed for your pet and their condition. PET is an option our vets may recommend for pain relief, soft tissue injuries and inflammation reduction.

How do we use PET?

PET is used for a whole host of conditions that we specialise in, including orthopaedic recovery, wound care and post surgery recovery. This is a non-invasive treatment that is not unpleasant for your pet. We will ensure that your pet is comfortable at all times and you are able to sit in during treatment so you can be involved and there to support and give encouragement!

Be Referred

We would love to be able to get your pet back on their feet. We don’t require a referral from your vet for your pet to receive treatment with us. We will contact your first opinion vet for a history and any X-rays etc. You just need to turn up with your ‘fur baby’ – and both relax! We have made Physio-Vet, as unlike a normal vets as possible. We don’t have examination tables, we have comfortable mats, so that we are down at your ‘fur baby’s’ level, to reassure them whilst they are examined and initial appointments aren’t rushed either, as we allow a full hour for it. So, please rest assured your ‘fur baby’ is in good, caring hands!
To make an appointment, please call 01270 586008 or email us on info@physio-vet.co.uk