Why refer to Physio-Vet?

Physio-Vet is a state-of-the-art clinic specialising in orthopaedic and neurological problems in dogs and cats. The dedicated team of vets and nurses offer a friendly, caring service. The team are all highly qualified professionals with addition qualifications in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and nutrition. We offer a complete service from diagnosis to treatment, nutritional advice, follow-up rehabilitation and ongoing monitoring.

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Veterinary Services Available

CT Scanning – the latest CT scanner is installed on site, allowing us to investigate cases quicker and more accurately. We offer competitively priced scans and accept patients with a range of problems at short notice. We are happy to accept patients for CT scan and then sending the patient back to the referring practice for treatment. CT reports by European or American Specialists, DipECVDI or DACVR, are also available.

Stem cells – these are collected from the dog’s own bone marrow and then injected into injured tissues such as tendons or joints. On-going research has shown a great benefit in young dogs with elbow or hip dysplasia. Stem cells have also been used to successfully treat partially torn cruciate ligaments and dogs with arthritis.

Arthroscopy – a very fine camera is inserted into a joint to have a look at the joint surfaces and other structures such as cruciate ligaments. During an arthroscopy, we can remove damaged bits of cartilage and instill stem cells without the need for more extensive surgery.

High definition X-ray – we have the very latest X-ray technology to give very high definition pictures allowing us to see much more detail.

Surgery – We offer minimally invasive surgery as well as cruciate surgery.

Stance Analyser – this machine shows how much weight a dog is taking on each leg.

Physiotherapy Services Available

Physiotherapy – this increases range of movement in joints, joint health, circulation and trigger points.

Laser – this encourages wound healing, increases blood supply and gives pain relief.

Ultrasound – this reduces swelling and inflammation, breaks down adhesions.

Electrical muscle stimulation – this helps prevent muscle atrophy and helps build muscle.

Under Water Treadmill (UWTM) – walking in the water allows joint movement with reduced weight bearing, it builds muscle, gives pain relief and burns calories for weight.

Shockwave – this does not use electric shocks but large changes in pressure using sound waves. The intensity of shockwave stimulates growth factors and can dissolve calcium deposits in tendons and around joints. It is particularly useful in shoulder tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, lumbosacral disease and ligament repair – dogs do not usually need sedating.

Acupuncture – we offer acupuncture and electro acupuncture. These treatments work well in neurological cases such as a slipped disc and degenerative myelopathy, as well as being excellent as part of a pain management strategy.

Neurological Rehabilitation – using appropriate stimuli and techniques it is possible retrain spinal cases to walk again.

Collection service – for spinal cases, rehabilitation is often better done in short sessions throughout the day as these patients tire quickly. We offer a service where we will collect the dog or cat from the referring veterinary. practice in the morning, take it to Physio-Vet for treatments throughout the day. The pet will then be returned to the referring practice in the afternoon/early evening.

Weight and nutrition advice and clinics – we offer expert advice and support to manage obesity and joint conditions

AIM-OA Sys – this is a program developed here at Physio-Vet, to provide a complete arthritis care plan for the patient, including pain management, joint improvement, dietary and exercise advice.

Orthotic devices – we offer advice on splints, carts, harnesses and other assistance devices to help support specific problems.

Conditions Treated

Cruciate disease – Surgical and Non-surgical management. We offer the treatment most appropriate for the size and age of dog. For surgical cases we offer the TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) procedure. Non- surgical and post op. cases are managed with a combination of stem cells, laser, UWTM, physiotherapy and a home exercise program.

Post op – we offer a full rehabilitation program which reduces swelling, speeds up recovery times, helps prevent muscle atrophy and gives pain relief.

Elbow and hip dysplasia – we offer X-ray/arthroscopy/CT investigation, stem cells, a full rehabilitation package that stimulates cartilage regeneration, builds supporting musculature, maintains joint range of motion and gives pain relief.

Shoulder lameness – conditions such as shoulder instability syndrome and shoulder tendinopathies are notoriously difficult to treat without specialist equipment and knowledge the Physio-Vet team possess.

Osteoarthritis (OA) – we are one of the busiest arthritis clinics in Europe seeing over 60 cases a week. Our multimodal approach gives far better results than medication alone.

Neurological cases – disc disease, degenerative myelopathy all respond well to intensive physiotherapy. Proprioceptive pathways can be retrained and physiotherapy makes a very significant difference to the outcome in these dogs and cats

Muscle wasting – many older dogs suffer muscle wasting, particularly in the back legs. Physiotherapy, underwater treadmill work and a home exercise program will help maintain and even increase muscle mass.

Weight loss – overweight patients benefit from specialist nutritional advice and fat burning exercise without overloading the joints

Fitness – strengthens muscle groups to help prevent injury in at risk groups

Athlete – the agility, fly ball, obedience and IPO dogs suffer a range of specific sporting injuries. These are sometimes quite subtle and difficult to diagnose in practice. They require specialist investigation, treatment and physiotherapy regimes for recovery to full fitness

Pain – physiotherapy and acupuncture are very useful for the management of pain in conjunction with, and without medication. These treatments are particularly useful in NSAID intolerant patients including cats.

Treatments carried out by the Physio-Vet team are usually covered by pet insurance.

We offer finance packages.

To refer a patient please fill in the referral form below. Please send a history and any relevant X-rays or lab. reports.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss a case please email info@physio-vet.co.uk or phone 01270 586008.